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The trifecta of wedding investments: photography, videography, and prints. Capture the essence of your special day with craft heartfelt memories through photographs, videos, and prints.

Let me tell you more about the tri-package.

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Questions about weddings

Where your vision transforms onto canvas, and each moment offers a chance for enchantment, that’s where I come in as the storyteller through photography. As a passionate Bendigo wedding photographer, I bring a wealth of experience and insight, meticulously compiling answers to wedding-related questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask. From the intricacies of planning to the nuances of the wedding day, I provide invaluable information to ensure your special day is captured perfectly and without a hitch.

3 - 2 -1

Services with the trifecta

What services are included with the packages? 

What you can expect from a Bendigo Wedding Videographer & Photographer who has a team of experts who want your wedding day to come together just as much as you do. 

1 - Photography

Photos with all day coverage, second shooter and an unlimited amount of photos captured

600 – 700+ Finished Images

How else are you supposed to have it? All-day coverage is a must, with over 10 hours of coverage. It’s the one day where everything comes together in a rush of experiences. With our all-day coverage, you’ll have a second shooter to capture those much-needed interactions and unlimited moments. This ensures that every glance, laugh, and tear is documented, providing a comprehensive and beautiful narrative of your special day.

2 -Video

Message Phone, feature length video, short highlight reels

vows & speeches

With a Bendigo Wedding videographer, you can let the emotions fly loose as you get to hear and see everything once again. It’s always touching to watch over the bloopers at the end of the feature-length video and relive those intense moments as they happened with friends and family. A wedding day video that captures every laugh, tear, and heartfelt speech goes unmatched, preserving the day in a way that photos alone cannot.

3 - prints

photo booth, wedding album, keepsake box,

printed photos

When it comes to wedding day photos, it’s not just about getting the images back on a USB and storing them away, hidden and never to be seen. It’s your wedding day, and those memories deserve to be on display.

There is value in printed photos. From live-action printouts from the photo booth on your wedding day to the moment you lay out your keepsake box on the mantel, you’ll be glad you can touch and feel the photos as you flick through your photo album. These tangible memories bring your special day to life and ensure your moments are treasured forever.

3 - 2 -1

All in One Trifecta package

Now add all of them together and you get the trifecta package that has everything you could want for a wedding day media package 

Bendigo Wedding Videographer

Captures the moving essence of the most precious moments—joining two souls in love. It is an artful craft that blends creativity, storytelling, and expertise to weave together a tapestry of emotions, memories, and timeless beauty. A Bendigo wedding photographer who can offer a Bendigo wedding videographer too.

Experience the seamless collaboration between our photography services and Daniel Soncin Videography. Our synchronized efforts ensure a flawless blend of photography and videography.

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Kind reviews about this Bendigo wedding photographer

"This was an amazing addition to our wedding day! It was a perfect way to capture our family and friends having the best fun. Bendigo Photobooth were great to work with in the lead up to the day and Tyler did an absolutely fantastic job manning the booth and making sure our signing book was completely full of great memories. Thank you."
"If you don’t hire this man for whatever photography needs you have, your are making a big mistake. You won’t find anyone better! We cannot recommend AJ enough. He is everything we could have hoped for in a wedding photographer. He drove an hour to our rehearsal the day before just to scope the site for good angles and offered invaluable advice."
married couple by bednigo wedding photographer and videographer
Britnee Swan
"Thank you so much for the amazing memorabilia box! Everything is so brilliantly put together. Sitting down to watch the video was something else, not only were there little moments we hadn’t remembered but some of the guest antics that were captured were bloody awesome. I was happy crying and laughing all the way through!! It’s so well put together."
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Erin & Lyndon
ajtaylor bendigo wedding photographer on location shooting

AJ Taylor images

The Bendigo Wedding photographer with over 10 years of experience.

Living and servicing the community of Bendigo is a passion of mine. When it comes to capturing your wedding, I will bring all that knowledge and expertise into one complete experience. 

As a true master of his craft, a team of exceptionally skilled wedding photographers and cinematographers excel in crafting a perfect atmosphere. This ensures that you and your guests can relax and momentarily forget the camera’s presence.

Based in Bendigo Victoria, AJ Taylor leads as a top Wedding Photographer Bendigo, providing a premium range of services to capture every moment of your special day. With expert knowledge of Bendigo’s picturesque venues, AJ and his team highlight the unique charm of each location.

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