AJ Taylor

This Bendigo photographer is known for serving the community. 

AJ has worked as a journalist-photographer for over ten years, covering an innumerable number of events that the city of Bendigo has to offer. 

You have very likely seen him around town, and on top of that, you have certainly seen his photos published in various local publications and online mediums. 

AJ is a talented photographer, videographer and photo technician all in one. It’s a divergent skill set that really helps him excel in the wedding industry by being able to shoot in both styles on demand and offer new solutions to capturing and sharing photos. 

He’s always thinking up new ways to best serve you and he’s more than happy to make long lasting memories. 

Making Memories Last. Having good photos is something that I have always cherished, it's why I started taking photos in the first place. I quickly learned that everyone else was just like me, and that's why I took on the responsibility of capturing and sharing memories with other people.
AJ Taylor

Don't be afraid of the camera

Don't be afraid of the camera, I'm not, and you don't need to be either.

It's only normal to feel a little anxious or camera shy on your wedding day, but I will certainly do my best to make you feel comfortable.
If your feel worried about having your photos taken, one way I recommend overcoming this fear is getting inspired by looking at other people's great wedding photos.

Whether that be going through Pinterest or Instagram, putting together a little bit of a photo board will get you excited about having your own amazing photos!

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