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where fearlessness meets artistry in wedding photography

I pride myself on capturing the essence of each couple’s special day through bold and innovative imagery. Here, you will find a curated selection of photographs that showcase our skill and commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding photography.

This iconic Federation-era estate captures the essence of romance with its sprawling gardens and elegant architecture. It is the perfect setting for couples to have their magical first look and begin their lifelong journey together amidst the grandeur and charm of Bendigo’s heritage.

Haidee & Ryan

a city garden at Langley Estate

“Langley Estate, nestled in Victoria’s historic Goldfields region, offers an enchanting venue for weddings, providing a picturesque backdrop ideal for unforgettable ceremonies and exquisite bride and groom reveal shots.”

Mary & Seth

Nestled in the scenic Mandurang Valley of Bendigo, Chateau Dore is a premier wedding venue for those seeking a mix of historic charm. Chateau Dore offers an idyllic backdrop for weddings that couples dream of. Whether opting for a vibrant garden ceremony among the blooms of roses, lavender, and hydrangeas or a more traditional setting in the historic sandstone Chapel Room, this venue accommodates all preferences with grace and beauty.

Chateau Dore not only captivates with its visual appeal but also offers unmatched flexibility and comprehensive planning services to ensure every aspect of your wedding day is seamless. From choosing between a formal dinner, an elegant cocktail function, or a relaxed High Tea, the venue adapts to your desires. The reception can gracefully transition from drinks and canapes on the lush lawn to a sophisticated dinner inside the winery, complete with speeches and dancing.

Mandy & Steven

Rural Farm landscape

“A once in a life time opportunity to get married in a corn field. Its always amazes me when couples choice a special place to tie the knot on their forever after. ”

James & Jennifer

A beautiful day with a beautiful sunset. This venue provides features a beautiful ceremony location and reception all within walking distance. Great for making the most out of your precious time. 

As a Bendigo wedding photographer, I always like to put myself on the right side of capturing the beauty and romance of every wedding I shoot.  Creating images that tell a story and capture the emotions of your special day is what the goal i like to live by.

With an emphasis on capturing genuine moments rather than staging poses. I’m certain you will be happy with the natural look in all your photos. The ceremony or the laughter shared between best friends is to live for.

Ashley & Nathan

A splash of warmth makes for amazing sunset photos. Planning out your big day can be fun too. Don’t let a great sunset go to waste.

And many More to come

Bendigo Weddings

With fearless desires and a dedication to excellence, I consistently go above and beyond to capture the shot. Whether adopting an unconventional perspective, waiting patiently for the perfect moment, or braving the elements, I want to ensure that every image captured reflects your special day’s profound beauty and emotion.

Challenging lighting conditions, from low-light environments to harsh sunlight, are not merely obstacles but opportunities to create dramatic, breathtaking photographs that stand out.

With countless weddings captured, selecting which images to showcase is no small feat. Each wedding, with its unique charm and emotion, holds a special place in my portfolio.

These photographs aren’t just frozen moments in time but timeless treasures, each evoking a vivid, fond memory. As you browse through the gallery, you’ll find that although it’s hard to choose, each image selected represents our commitment to artistry and our passion for storytelling through photography.

bendigo wedding photography and videography
bendigo wedding videographer capturing hand felt motion

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Being fearless in wedding photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about crafting stories through a lens.

It means venturing beyond the conventional, exploring unique angles, and harnessing various lighting and editing techniques to produce distinctive and impactful images.